North Woods Music began as an idea in the late 1980s, when University of Michigan music student James McLeod was told "what great music was SUPPOSED to be." Frustrated by these creative limitations placed on him, he became a music educator with the goal of inspiring numbers of young musicians to pursue their passions, filling the lives of the youth with music. During his time as a band director, he also offered lessons, did studio session work, explored digital/analog music creation, and ended up producing and releasing multiple albums for other artists, all under the name of: "Northwoods Music."

As the years went on, through career and family development, Northwoods Music lost prominence, though James is still involved in education to this day, working with many students in both music and other areas. However, the namesake made a reappearance in September of 2023, when James's son, Jacob McLeod, wrote, recorded, produced, and released his debut album "North Woods Music."

Taking after his father, Jacob was inspired by music, and his exposure to it during the pandemic of 2020 lit a fire inside of him, leading to his own career in the industry. His passion for songwriting and performing allowed him to take on numerous gigs around the state of Michigan, and when it came time to choose a name for his debut album, the answer was clear. Likewise, when he needed a name for his now blossoming music business, he went, yet again, with "North Woods Music," a testament to his father and the inspiration and support that he lended to his son from the first note.

Now, North Woods Music is a music service company that offers PERFORMANCE, PRODUCTION, SONGWRITING, BOOKING, LICENSING and EDUCATION. Though still currently run by Jacob McLeod (and advised by James), NWM has plans to expand its reach to artists and everyday music enjoyers all around the state of Michigan, and one day, the world.

Jacob McLeod

A 19 year old singer-songwriter, performer, producer, instrumentalist, and recording artist, Jacob McLeod calls Big Rapids, MI home, but is active in music scenes around the state of Michigan. He offers live music services, performing covers and originals both as a solo artist (guitar/piano/vocals) and with his band All That Jazz. Jacob also has an extensive catalogue of original songs, 15 of which are currently released on all platforms, with 12 appearing on his self-produced debut album "North Woods Music." In addition to performances, he offers songwriting, lessons, and music production services at comparable rates. Reach out to have Jacob play at your venue, event, or private party; or to have him write/produce your next song!

p: +1 (231)-408-7950 e: jmacjmac0488@gmail.com


Jacob's Story

Jacob McLeod has been involved in music for most of his life. His dad, James, was a band director for over 20 years and heavily influenced Jacob's passion for music, constantly exposing him to new and exciting music throughout his childhood. Beginning in the fifth grade, Jacob began learning his first instrument after taking lessons with his dad. This instrument was the clarinet, and through his middle and high school band experience he came to learn the saxophone as well.

During the 2020 pandemic shutdown, a very bored 15 year old Jacob McLeod started to learn guitar, piano, harmonica, and began to use his voice in ways he never had before. This was when he discovered his true love for music, as he was able to learn and cover songs by some of his favorite artists such as Billy Joel, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson, Tyler Childers, and Ray Charles, putting his own original twist on each number. During the quarantine, Jacob logged hours upon hours playing and learning music every day, driven by his newfound love of it. Shortly after the shutdown, he used the skills he gained from learning other people's songs to write his own, something that would blossom into his biggest musical passion.

After playing his first show in 2022, and hundreds after, Jacob released his debut album of original music in September of 2023. "North Woods Music" (named after his dad's music company from the 90s) contains 12 songs, 11 of which were written during Jacob's freshman year of college at Central Michigan University, serving as a depiction of his life from that time. In the months that have followed, Jacob has released countless other songs, with plans to continue to write and release music for as long as he can, fulfilling his lifetime goal of creating a more musical world.

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