At North Woods Music Studios, located in Big Rapids, MI, we offer very comparable recording/producing, mixing, and mastering rates, perfect for a wide range of genres and artists. Our rates are: $20 an hour studio time + production, $50 per song mixed, and $25 per song mastered.

Are you looking to record the next big hit, but don't know where to begin? Are you a media company looking to license new original music, or a company looking for a jingle? NWM will write your song for you, or license its own original music to your company/project. Standard rate is $150 per song written, while licensing fees are determined on a case by case basis.

NWM acts as a third party booking agent between venues and artists by drawing from its large base of connections. If you're a venue in need of performers, or a performer in need of a venue, NWM will make the connection, taking 10% of show profits as compensation.

Perhaps the most important service offered by NWM, our music lessons are our most direct way of infusing music into our community. With a rate of $20/half hour and $30/full hour, these quality lessons are comparably affordable. Currently offering lessons in: guitar, piano, ukulele, clarinet, saxophone, bass guitar, songwriting, and general music.

A staple of NWM is its performers, currently including Jacob McLeod as a solo artist, as well the band ATJ. We provide musical entertainment to any event or venue, always putting on a memorable and engaging show. Current rates are $300/solo show, $600/band show. Each includes all necessary sound equipment and its management.


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